The Nova Scotia Co-opoerative Council represents over 300 organizations with over 11,000 employees and more than 308,000 members in Nova Scotia alone.

Our Mission

The co-operative economy is strong, robust and growing; with co-operatives and credit unions playing a dynamic and creative role in meeting the needs and opportunities in their local communities.

Co-operatives and credit unions in Nova Scotia are part of a strong proactive provincial co-operative sector, which coordinates its efforts to ensure that co-ops and credit unions continue as a dynamic, creative presence in local communities, capable of addressing their community’s needs, challenges, opportunities and development into the 21st century.

Our Vision

The Nova Scotia Co-operative Council exists to:

  • Deliver programs, products and services that grow the economy of Nova Scotia
  • Bring all types of co-operatives together to form a strong co-operative sector in Nova Scotia
  • Develop, promote, and support new co-operatives across all sectors and industries in Nova Scotia
  • Represent the co-operative sector’s interest to all levels of government
  • Encourage the development of a “co-operative identity” among the public in Nova Scotia
  • Ensure innovation within the co-operative sector
  • Develop alternative finance programs and instruments

We Are Fuelled By Our:


Our passion is people, building communities, growing businesses, creating jobs, reducing poverty, and delivering measurable results.


  • Economic analysis
  • Co-operative development
  • Government relations


  • Public relations
  • Business development• Project management
  • Business finance

We ignite the spirit of ordinary individuals to be, to have, and to do – for themselves, their neighbours, and their community.


We are not in it alone. Together we are powerful. The Nova Scotia Co-operative Council embraces partnerships with government, our co-operatives and credit unions, the private sector, and other community agencies – to build and grow our communities.


The Nova Scotia Co-operative Council is known for its innovative thinking, actions and programs.


Jobs, new businesses, finance programs, innovation, economic impacts, social impacts, and public relations.


The Nova Scotia Co-operative Council and our member co-operatives and credit unions are trusted, credible and recognized community leaders who deliver results.


Are endless – to grow and prosper. We are limited only by our imagination, commitment and confidence.

Triple Bottom Line

People, Planet, Profit.

The Future

Is our legacy.